Bicycling & Skateboarding

Das Rad Haus (The Bike House)
Open April – November. Bicycle specialty shop. Rentals, repair and sales. Local maps, trails and knowledge.

Der Sportsmann
Sporting goods store with over 30 years experience in camping, climbing, fishing, hiking, bicycling, outdoor clothing and footwear. Rental shop for bicycles, climbing, x-c skis and snowshoes. See us for all of your outdoor needs.

Trail Washington
Trail Rights association in Leavenworth, Trail Washington is a non profit organization dedicated to the preservation & enhancement of mountain bike trails in the Leavenworth area. PO Box 472 Leavenworth, WA

The heartbeat of cycling sport offering our riders experience based knowledge, style and performance honoring the Euro traditon. Our passion is making yours cycling.
10171 F Chumstick Highway , Leavenworth, WA, 98826